CR-10S 3D Printer

Brand: Creality

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    • Creality published the genre-defining CR-10 2016, they made a lot of variants, improvements, and modifications to the popular printer – and most of them can be found in the model Creality CR-10S.

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Technology : FDM
Build Size : 300*300*400mm
Print Resolution : 100-400microns
Nozzle Diameters : 0.4mm
Nozzle Count : ONE
Max. Nozzle Temp : 255℃
Max. Print Bed Temp : 110℃
Printing Materials : PLA/ABS/TPU/wood/carbon fiber/Copper
Filament Dia : 1.75mm
XY-axis Precision : 0.012 mm
Z-axis Precision : 0.004 mm
Max Print Speed : 100mm/s
Auto Levelling : NA
Print Bed Removeable : NA
Supported files : Stl、obj、g-code
Camera : NA
Connectivity : USB AND SD CARD
Machine size :  490 x 600 x 615 mm
Machine weight : 10.3kg

  1.  【More Stable Printing】Y-axis double screw design, more stable lifting, increase higher printing accuracy.
  2.  【V2.1 Motherboard Added】Creality 3d V2.1 motherboard: all-upgrade, quality assurance, industrial-grade process, 200 hours of continuous printing without pressure.
  3.  【Resume Printing Function】Resume printing while the power-off,the motherboard is fully upgraded and supports continuous power failure, which effectively reduces model scrapping caused by power outages.
  4.  【Filament Sensor】CR 10S 3d printer will automatically be suspended to ensure the model can be smoothly printed when the filament runs out or disconnected.
  5.  【Noise Reduced】Linear Pulley System is included with V-profile + precision pulley, running more smoothly, more wear-resistant. Effectively reduce noise while printing.
  6.  【MK10 Technology Adopted】MK8 extruder mechanism is added on the printer, A brand-new patented infrastructure that effectively reduces the risk of plugging and poor spillage, and can print almost all consumables on the market.
  7.  Creality CR-10S Parameters.


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