ET5 Pro 3D Printer

Brand: Anet

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    • Anet ET5 PRO Ultra Silence Printing 3D Printer High Precision Fast Printing Accuracy Printer for Education.ET5 Pro is built to last with a high strength aluminum frame. Enclosed metal unibody design enables a more stable and rigid structure with compact size.

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Technology : FDM/FFF
Product Dimension : 540*420*640mm
Printing size : 300*300*400mm
Structure : Aluminum frame+Sheet metal
Nozzle Diameter : 0.4mm
Power Supply : 220V/110V AC 350W
Slicing Software : Cura
Data Input Format : STL, OBJ, JPG
Data Output Format : Gcode
Operating System : Windows, MAC
Language : English/Spanish/Chinese
Connectors : USB/TF Card
Main Frame : All Metal Frame
Packing Size : 632*598*220mm
Net Weight : 9.7kg
Gross Weight : 14.2kg
Printing resolution : ±0.1mm
Layer Thickness : 0.1-0.3mm
Printing speed : 20-150mm/s
Temperature : 0-40℃
Humidity : 5-80%
Recommended Filament : _
Filament Diameter : 1.75mm
Max. Nozzle Temp : 250 ℃
Max. Print Bed Temp : 100 ℃
Printing Material : PLA/Wood/Nylon/ PVA/PP/Luminescent etc.

  1.  PRE-ASSEMBLED 3D PRINTER: Modular robust design with unibody aluminium frame allows for stable printing. The entire setup is pre assembled which makes the time from unboxing to printing under 10 minutes. This robust design is durable and wear-resistant, for safe and reliable operation.
  2.  AUTOMATED BED LEVELLING: Newly upgraded automatic leveling is changed to photoelectric induction type which collects 25 data points for enhanced accuracy. The printer supports resume function, to continue printing when the power is restored. So no worries about unexpected power outages.
  3.  FILAMENT DETECTION: With filament run out detection, the printer will alarm and pause printing when the material is lacking. It supports automatic feed and return function that allows changing filament easy with just one-click.
  4.  COLOR TOUCH SCREEN: The 2.8 inch Color touch screen is simple and convenient operation for good human-computer interaction experience, with offline upgrade function. Simply copy the upgrade file into the memory card and insert it into the 3D printer to complete the program upgrade.
  5.  ULTRA SILENT PRECISE MOTOR: The motor driver chip is upgraded to TMC2208, replacing A4988, 256 micro-step subdivision, ultra-quiet, low resonance, more delicate printing.


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