XYZ Printing Curing Chamber

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XYZ Printing Curing Chamber
Product Type 3D Printer
Brand Name XYZ Printing
Color Name Red
Power Plug Type D

XYZ Printing Curing Chamber


  •  The XYZprinting UV Curing Chamber features a 360° turntable and a reflective inner mirror.
  •  Unlike some of the other uv chambers that use mercury lamps, XYZprinting uv curing chamber uses uv led diodes
  •  The light source produces no ozone, which is much more environment-friendly and energy-saving. The lamp life can last up to 10000 hours, ensuring you can cure your prints for a long time.
  •  XYZprinting uv curing chamber ir ce certified worldwide. Its uv led wavelength ranges 370-405nm
  •  so not only compatible with XYZprinting’ s general, flexible, and cast able resin, it is also compatible with most of the SLA printers in the market.

Price : 32,134

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