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With our range of Education 3D printers, teachers can expose students to the innovative world of 3D printing. Add a new depth to your blackboard teaching through life-sized models that aid better understanding. 3D Printing provides a new dimension in learning by giving students a hands-on experience. 3D Printing can easily blend with the course curriculum, keeping student abreast of the tomorrow`s cutting-edge technology.

3D Printed objects can illustrate convoluted concepts, through tangible objects that in turn creates a rich and engaging learning environment.


Engage your Students

3D printing carries an immense potential as it can be easily integrated with any subject within a school curriculum. The innate flexibility 3D Printers offer helps them resonate with the likes of students regardless of their age group. It equally serves the need of both young learners and high school students.

Hands-on Approach

3D printing allows the students to engage in the learning experience as opposed to having a passive listening approach. Students get engrossed in the learning experience through active participation.

Cognitive Development

Students design and test the outcomes, which instigates better information processing, visual perception, cognitive learning. This learning technique develops an understanding of learning through mistakes which remains a crucial aspect of a learning experience.

Promote Teamwork

3D printing experience necessitates active participation of students which nurtures effective communication. Students pick up social cues as they learn to listen to their teammates which in turn results in a cohesive learning environment.

Fuel Innovation

Providing access to 3D printers at the grass root level sparks inner creativity and fulfils the quest for innovation in students.Schools, Colleges and Skill Development Centre’s