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educator 3D Printing in Jewellery

Future of jewellery industry lies in the wide-scale adoption of 3D Printers as a mainstream driver for design and development of articles. Jewellery industry compels a sophisticated technology to attain the surface outcome unmatched by traditional manufacturing methods. Our DLP series printer delivers on that promise through the detailed surface finish and advance resolution control to create bespoke designs for your beloved clients.

We cater to likes of jewellery manufacturers and jewellery designers with our industrial grade 3D Printers coupled with exceptional user experience and services delivered right at your doorstep.


Value Proposition

3D printing jewellery patterns provides a cost-effective solution against the painstaking process that includes investing several man hours. This keeps the cost of production low and wastage at bare minimal.

High Flexibility

3D printing can accommodate quick design changes within a matter of time. Manufacturers can fine-tune through several prototypes saving a ton of money.

Reiterate or Replicate

Jewellery designers can create a new design based on an existing one or replicate a design entirely using our 3D Scanner.

Promote Teamwork

3D printing experience necessitates active participation of students which nurtures effective communication. Students pick up social cues as they learn to listen to their teammates which in turn results in a cohesive learning environment.

High Resolution and Accuracy

3D printer creates intricate parts with a fine resolution of that ensure smooth surface finish and detailed design contours.