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Ender 3 Pro Power Supply (SMPS) LRS-350-24


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  •  Common product aliases for the LRS-350-24 include LRS-350-24, Meanwell lrs-350-24, 350 24, Meanwell lrs 350 24, lrs 350 24, Mean Well lrs-350-24, and LRS35024
  •  This product is part of the LRS-350 family of products
  •  The LRS-350-24 is associated with the following product categories: AC to DC power supply, 24v power supply, acdc power supply, ac to dc switching power supply, ac dc converter 24v, acdc converter, switching power supplies. Arrow Electronics carries a wide variety of products within these categories.
    AC/DC Power Supply Single-OUT 24V 14.6A 350.4W 9-Pin:
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