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Rotrics Rotary Module


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  •  The rotary kit allows you to turn your DexArm into a 4-DOF robot arm. The universal adapter design makes it easy to switch between soft gripper, suction cup module, and your DIY module. The record button allows you to record the movements of DexArm in Teach&Play mode.

    •  360-degree rotation
    •  350g payload capacity
    •  Easy to assemble and switch to soft gripper and air-pick
    •  Teach&Play button for recording Teach&Play movements.
      Payload : 350g
      Air Pump Pressure : ~35 Kpa
      Suction Cup Diameter : 5mm, 10mm, 15mm
      Soft Gripper Range : 30 mm
      Weight : 100 g
      Dimension : 150x120x80 mm
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