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CREALITY 3D Big Power Laser Engraver Module Kit_4W


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CREALITY 3D Big Power Laser Engraver Module Kit 4W Engraving 405nm Blue-Violet Laser Head Kit with Goggles Test Wooden Boards ✔ Efficient heat dissipation ✔ Micro laser engraving ✔ Precise spotlight ✔ Adjustable focus

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  •  1) Big Power Laser Engraver Module Kit
  •  i) 405nm blue-violet light spot
  •  ii) Micro laser engraving machine
  •  2) Companent display
  •  i) Laser glasses
  •  ii) Blue-violet laser head
  •  iii) Wood
  •  iv) Laser buck module with wire
  •  3)Laser spot
  •  i) Laser engraving meets your artistic dream
  •  ii) Engravable material: wood, bamboo, some leather goods, paper, etc.
  •  3) Genuine laser diode: As the core component of the laser module, it adopts the genuine laser diode with small size, bright and clear light large angle of light extraction and high straightness.
  •  4) Clear and bright light spot: Due to efficiency transitivity optional system, optical lens has clear light spot little light diverges, good collimation and even brightness. Moving within 3 meters the spot is almost the same, and the positive and negative deviation is within 1 mm.
  •  5) Adjustable focus: Rotate the head of the laser module, adjust the focus according to the working distance and module the appropriate spot size.
  •  6) Low power consumption good heat dissipation: Three heat dissipation designs have heat dissipation low power consumption, high power output stable performance and long service life.
  •  7) Easy to install: Handy size for easy installation.
    Product information :
    Product name : Laser engraver head kit
    Model : 12V/24V
    Product color : Black
    Technology : 405nm blue-violet laser
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