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CR-6 Max Y Axis 42-60 Stepper Motor


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Stepper motordesigned forCreality3D printers. The device is an original part that is used by the manufacturer Creality. Made of solid materials, it providesstable operationwith low noise. It has auniform speedduring the performed work withhigh precision ofeach step. Themotorfrom Creality is also characterized bylow power consumption. Its specially designed construction makes the element efficientlydissipate the heat it generates. The motor is compatible with CR-5 and Ender-6 series 3D printers manufactured by Creality. The dimensions of the element are equal to42 x 42 x 60 mmand the shaft height is20 mm.

  •  Creality 3D CR-6 Max Y Axis 42-60 Stepper Motor For CR-6 Max 3D Printer Parts
  •  Stepping Motor For 3D Printer High Quality Genuine Material
  •  Stable Performance
  •  Ststable outpt
  •  High Step Accuracy
  •  Low Noise
  •  High quality motor with low power, uniform speed, stableperformance, low noise High quality stepper motorStepper motor with no phase loss, low noise and efficient heat dissipation during operation and extrusion mechanism to ensure stable operation
  •  and has large torque and high precision without phase loss
  •  Precise rotationWith high strength synchronous wheel andsynchronous gearit Realize the exact constant ratio. Uniform revolutionand high transmission efficiency
    Original replacement part used by 3D printer manufacturer - Creality :
    Manufacturer designation : 42-60
    Component type : 3D printer motor
    Motor type : stepper motor
    Compatible 3D printers : T5, K5, DP-002, CR-4026, CR-4040, CR-3040, CR-5S, CR-5, CR-10 S5, CR-10 S4, CR-5 Pro
    Nominal voltage : 4,83 V
    Nominal current : 1.5 A
    Resolution : 200 steps/revolution (1.8°)
    Mounting Standard : NEMA 17
    Motor dimensions : 42 x 42 x 60 mm (without shaft)
    Shaft height : 20 mm
    Shaft diameter : 5 mm
    Weight : 470 g
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