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Sunlu S2 Filadryer


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SUNLU dry box is specifically made for the purpose of drying 3d printer filament, intended to remove moisture from a spool of filament. It can keep 3D filament dried during a print job and can be used to dry filament for storage.

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  •  • The enclosed container keeps out moisture and dust
  •  • Keeps filaments in a low humidity environment
  •  • A rotating spool holder that allows to load filament and feed it directily to your 3D printer.
  •  • SUNLU S1 Filament Dryer Box has 2 button that operates time and temperature
  •  • Adjustable temoerature control to keep filaments between 35C-55C.
  •  • Adjustable time funcitons break free of worry.
  •  •The print quality will be better if using filament dried by SUNLU filament dehydrator box, surface smoother, layer adhesion increased.
  •  •It can be more helpful if you live in a humid temperature zone.
    Product size: 265(L) X274(W) X 118(H) mm
    Maximum capacity: 0210*85 (H) mm
    Net weight: 1190g (Including power adapter)
    Working environment:
    A) Environment temperature: 20°C-35'C
    B) Relative humidity: 590%
    Temperature setting range: 35 C-70°C
    Power adapter specification:
    A) Input specification: AC 100V-240V, 50/60Hz
    B) Output specification: DC 24V+12, 2A
    Standby Power: 0.05W
    Maximum working current: 1.9A
    Maximum working power: 48W
    LCD display screen: 6.4-inch LCD display
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