Zortrax Cleaning Station

Brand: Zortrax

Rs. 498,999
    Zortrax Cleaning Station is a device made to remove excessive, unsolidified resin from the model’s surfaces. The entire cleaning process lasts for about 5 minutes and is fully automated. This is a standalone device that can be used to support all types of resin 3D printers available on the market. It’s dedicated to post-process even most professional and demanding resins (quality approved by BASF and Henkel).

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Tank dimensions 300 x 210 x 270 mm (11.8 x 8.27 x 10.6 in):
Basket dimensions 320 x 230 x 70 mm (12.6 x 9.1 x 2.8 in):
Two mechanical filters:
• polypropylene cartridge (1 micron):
• stainless mesh cartridge with UV lighting (150 microns):
Security • excessive cleaning fluid level sensor:
• flow meter preventing operation without the cleaning fluid in the system:

  1.  Supports most popular resin 3D printing technologies like UV LCD, DLP, and SLA.
  2.  The impeller-based cleaning system: The impeller reduces the risk of damaging
  3.  precise, fragile prints. The entire cleaning process lasts for about 5 minutes
  4.  and is fully automated. When it is done, the top cover opens up and the build
  5.  platform with clean prints is moved out of the cleaning fluid.
  6.  Filtering system: Due to filters constantly working in the Zortrax Cleaning Station,
  7.  the isopropyl alcohol can be reused in multiple cleaning sessions.
  8.  The build platform holder in the Zortrax Cleaning Station is compatible with
  9.  the Zortrax Inkspire 2 build platform which enables placing the printed models
  10.  in the device without touching them.
  11.  Zortrax Cleaning Station does not need calibration before first use

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