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Anycubic NFEP Film for Photon M3 Premium 3D Printer 5 Pcs 10.1 Inch

SKU: 3IDEA-ANC-FEP Films 5Pcs 10.1 Inch-SLA-CLR

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  •  High Purity NFEP: Made with ultra-high purity NFEP resin for excellent non-stick, high temperature resistance, electrical insulation, mechanical properties, wear resistance, and more.
  •  High Transmittance: More than 95% light transmittance and UV light transmittance, ensuring your printed products are of the highest quality.
  •  Stable Release Force: Uniform coating and stable release force for a smooth and flawless surface, with no wrinkles, scratches, bubbles, or other defects. Heat resistant and durable for multiple uses.
  •  Excellent Ductility: Excellent elongation performance and ductility up to 300%, with good flexibility and the ability to bend 10000 times.

    •  Application:This 10.1 inch fep matt film is compatible with ANYCUBIC Photon M3 premium LCD 3D Printers.
    •  Need to be replaced: Film should be replaced as soon as signs of distortion or excessive adhesion occur.
    •  High UV Light Transmittance: Calobot fep film with over 95% light transmittance, this ultra-transparent film ensures high stability of UV lightning.
    •  The official original choice:Easy to Install, from manufacturer, high quality NFEP release film.
      High Transmittance :
      High Purity NFEP Resin :
      Tear off the protective film :
      Remove screws to detach the steel rings from the resin vat. Tear off the protective film on both sides and take out the FEP film in the middle. :
      Put the new FEP film in-between the two steel rings and install those screws back. You may need to force the screw in. :
      Use a utility knife to cut off the excess release film on the edge and ensure the FEP film is clean and tensioned properly :
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