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Acrylic Enclosure ( Yellow)


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  •  The main purpose of the 3D printer enclosure is to help maintain a constant temperature inside of the print chamber, while also keep external weather out.

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    •  OPTIMAL TEMPERATURE CONTROL: Acrylic panels block any air currents in your printers environment and helps reduce thermal warping.
    •  ABILITY TO PRINT ADVANCE MATERIALS: More flexibility to print different types of filaments.
    •  QUALITY FINISH: Better quality prints because the ambient temperature is controlled
    •  ODOUR LESS PRINTING: Fume filter to reduce smell or vent to the outside (sold separately)
    •  ROBUST BUILT: Sturdy, thick, high-grade acrylic doors that allow easy access to the printer bed
      Colour : Yellow
      Item Weight : 5.00 kilograms
      Material : Acrylic
      Model Number : Acrylic Enclosure
      Number of Items : 1
      Part Number : 3DPRNTR-ACR-ENCLSR-YLW
      Brand Name : 3 idea Imagine Create Print
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    • 5.00 KG

    • Yellow

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      2021-03-09 22:27:06

      Good Product

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