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Creality UW-01 Washing and Curing Machine


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Creality UW-01 Washing and Curing Machine, all-in-one washing and curing machine, one step to finish the model post process.

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  •  Dual-band UV light source
  •  Magnetic 360° rotatable platform
  •  Large-size washing container
  •  Adjustable three-gear speed
  •  2-90min optional
  •  HD touch button
    Model : UW-01
    Machine : Washing and Curing Machine
    Control method : Touch button, LED indicator
    Rated power : 96W
    Input voltage : 24V
    Curing and washing time : 2-90min
    Washing size : 170(L)x 120(W)x 160(H)mm
    Air-drying and curing size : 225x225x370mm
    Package size : 298x297x505mm
    Machine weight : 6.5KG
  • Creality

  • Accessories

  • Type D

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  • Mayur Pawar

    2021-03-09 22:27:06

    Quality Product

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