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Geetech PLA Transparent


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  •  Geetech PLA Transparent has high strength and flexibility, which will make you 3D Printing experience effortless. try our best to provide better products to people. Our PLA has the advantages of high precision, high strength and environmental friendliness, which will bring you a better printing experience!

    •  Upgrade Tidy Winding
    •  High Quality & Toughness
    •  1kg (2.2lbs) Spool
    •  Vacuum Packing
    •  Easy-to-Use
    •  Clog-Free
    •  Bubble-Free
      Color : Transparent
      Compatible : FDM Printers
      Material : Polylactic Acid
      Filament Diameter: 1.75 mm
      Weight: 800g /1.76lb
      Dimensional Accuracy: +/- 0.05 mm
      Extruder Temp: 200°C -220°C
      Bed Temp: 40°C-60°C
    • Geeetech

    • Filaments

    • 1.20 KG

    • Transparent

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