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Ender Filament EN-PLA Red


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  •  Creality Ender PLA 3D Printing Filament made from biodegradable materials, environment friendly. Wire diameter tolerance of filaments is an important indicator to measure the filaments. The wire diameter tolerance of ender PLA consumables is controlled within 0.3 mm, So that the feeding is smoother and the material is the not easily broken to ensure continues printing.

    •  Good Printing Effect
    •  Dimensional Stability
    •  Non-toxic
    •  Wear Resistance, High Impact Strength
    •  Tough hard
    •  Eco-Friendly Filament
    •  Smooth Printing
    •  Good glossy surface
      Product Name : Ender-PLA 3D Printer Filament
      N.W. : 1KG
      Printing temperature : 200°C
      Filament diameter : 1.75mm
      Package Weight : 1.15kg
      Bubble : No
      Package Size : 210*210*75
      Colour : Black, White, Red, Blue, Yellow
      Size of filament wheel : Diameter 200mm, height 70mm, hole diameter 56mm
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    • 1.20 KG

    • Red

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