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HP-TPU Transperent 1.0Kg 1.75mm


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Parameters: Product Name: HP-TPU 3D Printer Filament N.W.: 1KG Printing Temperature: 210-240°C Hotbed Temperature: Room temp to 60°C Recommend Printing Speed: 30-120 mm/s Filament Diameter: 1.75mm Package Weight: 1.29kg Package Size: 210*210*75mm

  •  Flexible Filament
  •  A new tactile experience
  •  No clogging- Smooth molding
  •  High speed printing improved efficiency of printing models.
  •  High toughness -Stable and fall-resistant
    Good fluidity for biding, farewell to insufficient extrusion. The fast printing speed of 1 20mm/s is beyond your imagination 3-5 times faster than ordinary TPU printing speed. :
  • Creality

  • 3D Filaments

  • Transparent

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