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Creality Silk Filament Golden


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High glossy and Silk texture. Smooth and Delicate Silky touch. Wide compatiblility. Neating Winding, Smooth Feeding. Metallic color.

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  •  1. High Glossy and Silk Texture: Silk like and high gloss appearance attract eye popping attention, stand out from filaments and models, enjoy a different visual feast.
  •  2. Smooth and Delicate Silky Touch: Get the pearlescent & gorgeous printing surface without polishing, smoothy model surface with the pearly and unique touch, which brings exquisite experience.
  •  3. Wide Compatibility: Verified by BFP Perfectly Compatible with Creality Printers And compatible with 99% FDM Printers in the market
  •  4. Neat Winding, Smooth Feeding: Neat winding without tangle and the material is fed smoothly during printing; Reducing filament waste, saving time, and improving printing success rates.
  •  5. Toughness Upgraded without Breakage: Professionally designed formula to improve the gloss and enhance the toughness of the filament. Repeated bending with less susceptible to breakage, no worries about printing interruption.
  •  6. Eco-friendly and degradable materials Based on the PLA as the main material, it continues the advantages of easy molding, no warping and low shrinkage of PLA.
    Product Name : CR-Silk Filament
    Colour: Gold
    Extruder Temperature : 190-230°C
    Hotbed Temperature : No heating 60°C
    Printing Speed : 40-100mm/s
    Tensile Strength : 35MPa
    Bending Strength : 67MPa
    Filament Diameter : 1.75mm
    N.W : 1kg/2.21b
    G.W : 1.29Kg/2.81b
    Packing Size : 210*210*70mm
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