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Sunlu PLA Meta Grey


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1. Environmental protection, non-toxic, biodegradable; 2. Soft and warm colors 3. Low shrinkage rate; 4. High strength and rigidity; 5. Very good toughness, not easy to break 6. The printing temperature is 180~200°. Lower printing temperature, means more energy saving and environmental protection, reduce printer loss. 7. Good fluidity: The printing fluency is better than the existing PLA and PLA+, greatly improving the printing success rate. 8. Good fall resistance and impact resistance: After the fall test, the fall resistance is about one times better than the existing PLA and PLA+. Suitable for all models of FDM3D printers, suitable for printing crafts, artwork and industrial design samples, etc.

  •  1. Biodegradable Material: SUNLU PLA Filament is made of premium PLA material (Polylactic Acid), which boasts complete biodegradation and lower melting temperature, even does not need a heated bed, with no odor during the printing.
  •  2. Macaron Color: The meta collection offers unique macaron shades! The meta colors are bold and vibrant. On the basis of solid color, add 10%-30%grayscale to create a unique macaron color system with low saturation!
  •  3. Strict Quality Control: 1.75MM Filament error is +0.02 Filament. Neatly arranged 100% tangle-free
  •  4. Stronger PLA: The PLA_META series is an improved version of PLA with better flow and impact resistance. At the same time, it has a lower melting point and printing temperature, which can greatly reduceclogging and stringing, ensuring stable feeding and printing
  •  5. Smooth Printing: SUNLU PLA meta prints smoothly, with high purity, low shrinkage and excellent layer adhesion for your printing project needs for higher tenacity functional parts.
  •  6. Vacuum Packaging: We keep Filament dry by airtight packaging so that each roll of Filament arrives in the user's hands in perfect condition, SUNLU filament quality is consistent
    Brand : SUNLU
    Colour : Meta Grey
    Print temp : 155℃-170℃(311℉~338℉)
    Hot bed temp : 50℃-65℃(122℉~149℉)
    Print speed : 50-100mm /s
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