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Flashforge PLA Filament White 2.85mm


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As a subdivision of PLA filament, PLA filament presents totally different matte 3d printing finishes than regular PLA filaments. Minimal layer texture, no glossy plastic look. Looking for 3d printing material that shows more elegant looks? Try PLA, and get 3d prints with gorgeous color and tasty aesthetics. Performance test: Flashforge PLA materials passed a huge 3D model print test which takes 48 hours to complete. Final 3d prints have minimum layer thickness with precise details and excellent quality.

  •   Tech Specifications
  •   Filament Diameter 2.85 mm
  •   Net Weight 1 KG
  •   Temperatures Build Plate: 110° C(230°F); Nozzle: 220° C (428°F)
    Brand:Flashforge :
    Type : PLA filament 2.85mm
    Net Weight:1kg (2.2lbs) :
    Total length:335±5m :
    Nozzle Temp:190~220℃ :
    Print speed : 40-60mm/s
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