CV-01 Pro Laser Engraving Machine

Brand: Creality

Rs. 15,399
    • Safe and Intelligent
    • Simple Operation
    • Auto-focusing
    • Smoke Purification
    • Work Area - 170mm*200mm
    • Applicable materials - cardboard, wood, bamboo, rubber, leather, fabric, acrylic, plastic, etc.


Product Name : CV-01 Pro (Laser Engraving Machine)
Laser Source : Semiconductor Laser
Packaging Size : 480×315×145mm
Product Size : 420x315x145mm
Engraving Area : 170mm*200mm
Laser Wavelength : 450-5nm
Product Net Weight : 1.8kg
Product Gross Weigt : 2.95 kg
Light Power : 1.6W
Power Requirements : DC 12V, 3A
Transmission Mode : TF card, Type-
Software Operating System : Windows XP above
Safety Level : FDA Class 1
Operating emperature Range : 0°C-35°C
File Formats : Jpeg/jpg/png/bmp/svg
Software : Creality Laser, Laser GRBL, LightBum
Materials Available : cardboard, wood, bamboo, rubber, leather, fabric, acrylic, plastic, etc.

  1.  Safe and lntelligent : Patented design of light-shading and eye protection, qualified with FDA Class 1 for safety, 9O% light leak blocked lntegration of MEMS posture sensor, stop when turn on it side or moves.
  2.  Excellent Smoke Exhaust and Purífication : Air fluid simulation design, effectívely prevents object surfaces to be smoked for better engravings. Built-in high-efficient absorptíon cotton effective adsorbs the dust and fume or odor generated by engravings.
  3.  Fast Auto-focusing : A unique focusing module detects the distance between laser head and the surfaces of engraving objects quickly.
  4.  New AIOT intelligent hardware platform, supporting up to 240Mhz operation speed, meeting different transmission control equipment such as Type-C, TF card, wireless, etc
  5.  lntelligent zeroing algorithm to meet online engraving needs intelligent Gcode merging optimization algorithm to speed up engraving
  6.  Support self-research software Creality Laser as well as Laser GRBL and Light Burn software
  7.  Simple Design, Lightweight and Compact : A built-in cvclcr ensures that the X axis is horizontal and the focal length is always the same, Laser engraving used on frames, easy to measure the size of the object as well as assists in locating the engraving area.


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