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Creality CR-Laser Falcon Laser Engraver-5W


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  •  The Creality CR-Laser Falcon Laser Engraver is a desktop laser engraving machine with a 5W laser power output. It is capable of engraving a wide range of materials such as wood, leather, acrylic, ceramics, and paper as well as it engraves obvious patterns on objects as hard as stainless steel. It has a wide engraving area of 400 x 415 mm workspace and can achieve a resolution of up to 0.06 mm.

    •  Quick Focusing - Time saving and easy to handle. The focusing system is comprised of a fixed-focus lens and a focusing facilitator. Slide down the facilitator for fast focusing and uplift it once the focusing is finished.
    •  Durable and Stable - Anodized aluminum alloys, L-shape silicone footpads and an 8 mm steel rail ensure precision and smooth movement.
    •  Create in a Balanced Way - A built-in leveler prevents from losing, and it is set for measuring whether the machine is properly placed.
    •  Create Artwork on Multiple Materials:
    •  Graphic engraving modes: contour, grayscale, black & white
    •  Flexible materials: paper, cotton, leather, fabric
    •  Materials of general hardness: wood, PVC, bamboo, acrylic, plastic
    •  Materials of high-hardness: matte stainless steel, metallic painted surface, anodized surface, electro-wing surface, dark metallic surface
      Spot Size : 0.1 mm
      Engraving Depth : 0-3 mm
      Cutting Thickness : 0-5 mm
      Laser Wavelength : 450±5 nm
      Engraving Precision : 254 dpi
      Engraving Speed : Max. 10000 mm/min
      Engraving Area : 400*415 mm
      Light Source : Semiconductor Laser
      Input Voltage : 100~220 V 47~63 Hz
      Output Voltage : 24 V DC
      Slicing File Format : svg,png,jpg,jpeg,bmp,dxf
      Slicing Software CrealityLaser, LaserGRBL, LightBurn :
      Engraving File Format : .gcode (after slicing)
      Support OS : Windows/MacOS
      Applicable Materials : cardboard, wood, bamboo clappers, rubber plate, leather, fabric, acrylic, plastic, metal
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