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CV-30 Falcon Laser Engraving machine (10W)


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0.06mm High Precision. 12mm One-pass Cutting. Easy Operation

  •  1. 0.06mm Compressed Spot for Engraving: The improved 6 lens array compresses the focal spot to only 0.06mm. It will deliver more details in your engravings.
  •  2. Stronger to Cut and Engrave: Enhanced 10W laser, easier to cut through thicker materials. It engraves obvious patterns on objects as hard as stainless steel.
  •  3. One-button Operation: In the offline working state, a single button to preview, start, pause or stop engraving. The integrated LED indicator will signal the status clearly.
  •  4. 3 Steps Focusing: Loosen the laser module screw, slide the module, until its protective cover touches the focus block, and tighten the screw.
  •  5. Quick to Assemble: 60% of the components are modularized for easier assembly.
  •  6. Offline Engraving: Import a file via a TF card. Use it indoors, outdoors or anywhere you like without connection with a computer.
  •  7. Larger Workspace: With 400x415 workspace, it allows users to process a larger piece of material at a time.(Optional raisers)
  •  8. Able to Engrave and Cut Various Materials: Flexible materials: paper, cloth, leather, fabrics, etc. Materials of average hardness: wood, bamboo, acrylics, ceramics, etc. Materials of high hardness: matte stainless steel, painted metal surface, anodized surface, dark metal surface, etc.
  •  9. Extensive Compatibility: Software: LightBurn, LaserGRBL File Format: SVG/PNG/DX/TIF/BMP/PDF/NG Operating System: Mac OS/Windows
  •  10. Leading in Motion Stability-oriented drive: 32-bit chip, silent mainboard and self-developed algorithm to drive the steppers in x and y axis precisely, synchronously and quietly.
  •  11. Stable and robust structure: 8mm shaft instead of the ordinary 6mm shaft, and L-shaped anti-slip rubber tripods, enhancing stability in the structure.
    Spot Size : 0.06 mm
    Cutting Thickness : 0-18 mm
    Optical Power : 10W
    Engraving Speed : Max. 10000 mm/min
    Light Source : Semiconductor Laser
    Output Voltage : DC 24.0V 3.0A
    Engraving Depth : 0-10 mm
    Laser Wavelength : 45545 nm
    Engraving Precision : 254 dpi
    Engraving Area : 400*415 mm
    Input Voltage : 100-240 V 50-60 Hz
    Slicing File Format : svg.png.jpg, jpeg,bmp, dxf
    Support OS : Windows / Macos
    Engraving File Format : .gcode (after slicing)
    Slicing Software : LaserGRBL, LightBurn
    Applicable Materials : Cardboard, Wood, Bamboo clappers, Rubber plate, Leather, Fabric, Acrylic, Plastic, Metal
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