Anycubic Light Beige standard Resin 1kg

Brand: Anycubic

Rs. 2,178
    • The resin is only designed for the LCD model of the resin, not recommended DLP or SLA machine.
    • High-speed solidify. This resin ensures the strength of molded parts and not excessive shrinkage, but also improve print speed, shorten the curing time and enhance the printing efficiency of LCD machines as much as possible.
    • Strong adhesion of the model and easy to detach after forming. Not only high success rate of printing and precision, but also to minimize resin release force and adhesion, so that the model attached to the forming platform can easily shovel and low viscosity makes it easier to clean the machine and model.

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Viscocity(25℃) : 552.0 mpa.s
Tensile Strength : 23.4 Mpa
Elongation : 14.2 %
Hardness(D) : 79.0
Solidify wavelength : 405 nm
Exposure parameters : Bottom exposure time(s) 20-60s, normal exposure time(s) 5-15s

  1.   High Curing Rate: This resin ensures molded parts are strong and free from excessive shrinkage. It also increases print speed, shortens curing time, and maximizes the efficiency of LCD printing.
  2.  Material is stiff and strong: A strong material in a shovel model can easily lead to fragmentation of the model, but a material that is too flexible will be prone to tensile deformation details or printing failure, which will affect molding accuracy and aesthetics.
  3.  The model works stably: The resin is stable in various climatic conditions, and it is also easy to store, overcoming the shortcomings of other resins, and is easily softened by moisture and environmental corrosion.
  4.  The material is rigid and tough. Strong material in the shovel model can easily lead to the model fragmentation, but too flexible material will be prone to the details of the print tensile deformation or fracture, which will affect the molding accuracy and aesthetics.


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