Anycubic ABS Like Resin Pro Grey color 1 Kg

Brand: Anycubic

Rs. 2,952
    • Anycubic ABS-like Resin Pro is designed to have a respectively 52% and 60% increase in tensile strength and bending strength compared to standard resins, offering high hardness performance, and better impact resistance. The resin additionally ensures compatibility with the majority of printers available on the market using LCD and DLP technologies. Additional information: The product should be shaken before use It is recommended to use a mask and disposable gloves Keep away from children at 15-35℃

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UV wavelength : 365-405 nm
Density : 1.05-1.25 g/cm3
Viscosity : 400-500 cP/mPa's
Hardness : 86-88 D

  1.  Easy to Bend & Harder to Break: Anycubic ABS-Like Resin Pro has 20%-30% elongation at break which is 125% higher than Standard Resins; And its tensile strength and hardness are improved, offering high toughness performance.
  2.  High Precision & Wide Compatibility: Low shrinkage, not deformed, not brittle, but fine and smooth details; Sensitive to 355-410nm UV light, perfectly works with ANYCUBIC resin 3D printers.
  3.  Long Shelf Life: It has a shelf life of 2 years, which is longer than many other resins; To ensure stable performance, please shake the resin well before use and keep sealed and away from light after use.
  4.  Professional Applications with Ease: Flagship performance on high strength and toughness, which remains stable when under pressure, and suitable for making rapid prototyping parts that require both resistance to bending and toughness.

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