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Anycubic FEP film for Photon Mono 2pcs/pack


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Anycubic FEP film for Photon Mono 2pcs/pack

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  •  Film dimensions: 173x115.4 (mm) Film Thickness: 0.15mm, light Transmittance: 95%
  •  Quick install, The release film comes with a steel ring, No need to disassemble the steel ring and cut the FEP film. The entire installation process only takes 3 minutes. and there is an easy-to-follow tutorial on the package that guiding you to better replace the FEP film.
  •  High-quality materials, resistant to high temperatures (204 °C), Chemically resistant, Ultimate non-stick surface, UV stable
  •  As the FEP film is an consumable, regular replacement will make your printing effect better.
    Package Dimensions : L
    Brand : Anycubic
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