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CR-10 S5 dc to dc Converter


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conventional constant voltage output topology BOOST fully integrated solutions, integrated MOSFET, fewer external components, lower system cost

  •  wide voltage range input,the input voltage up to 35V
  •  output voltage is adjustable,supports up to 40V
  •  Adjust the blue potentiometer knob (counter-clockwise general boost, buck clockwise rotation) and with a multimeter to monitor the output voltage reaches the required voltage.
  •  built-in over-temperature protection, overcurrent protection circuit full set of reliability, high reliability
  •  The system conversion efficiency of over 90%, to facilitate thermal design
  •  TO263-5L standard package,suitable for 30W boost applications within.
  •  Instructions:
  •  1. Power (3-35V), power indicator light, the module is working properly.
  • Creality

  • Spare Parts

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