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Build Plate for Photon Zero


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Aluminum alloy ANYCUBIC PHOTON Zero building plate / Printing platform For ANYCUBIC Photon Zero DIY SLA DLP LCD 3D printer The Photon Zero has many of the same quality-of-life features of the preceding Photon S and even some small improvements. Even so, somehow Anycubic has managed to practically half the price, making it more or less the cheapest SLA printer you can buy as of its release.

  •  Original build platform kit
  •  Suitable for ANYCUBIC Photon Photon Zero 3D printer.
  •  Made of durable steel, with good adhesive ability to ensure the printing mode will not fall off.
  •  Easy to assemble and use.
  •  Great resin printer build plate replacement for ANYCUBIC 3D printers
    Weight : 450 g
    Dimensions : 20 × 15 × 5 cm
    Style ‏ : Photon Zero
    Brand Name ‏ : ANYCUBIC
  • Anycubic

  • Spare Parts

  • Blue

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