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Creality FEP Release Film for LCD SLA Resin 3D Printer


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Release Film 200*140*0.15mm 1 PCS for HALOT-ONE/LD-002H/LD-002R/ELegoo Mars/ANYCUBIC Photon/Flashforge Foto6.0 1 Film per pack 140mm x 200mm FEP melts at high temperature, passes through the extrusion equipment, and is poured into a similar plane to form with uniform thickness FEP is chemically inert, does not react with other substances, and is easy to demold Optical grade film, transmittance reaches 95% -99% with different thickness Abrasion resistance is not affected by strong acids, alkalis, oxidants, and long service life High temperature resistance, long-term working temperature 205 ℃, melting point 260 ℃

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  •  Widely Compatible with Most Printers in the Market
  •  FEP Resin with High Purity
  •  High Transmittance: Transmittance Exceeds 95%
  • Creality

  • Spare Parts

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