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Ender-5 Plus PEI Printing Plate 377*370*2mm Frosted Surface


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PEI printing plate kit PEI platform & Soft magnetic sticker. Gold frosted surface - Flame retardant and heat resistance. PEI spring plate - High strength and wear resistance. Soft magnetic sticker - Strong magnetic force and simple removal. Two in one kit Strong adhesive, easy to use and replace 1. Gold frosted PEI printing plate. 2. Soft magnet platform sticker

  •  PEl printing plate
  •  Flame retardant and heat resistant/ high strength and wear resistant
  •  Gold PEI with frosted surface
  •  Flame retardant and heat resistant
  •  Gold PEI frosted surface is of strong high temperature stability, flame retardant, heat resistance, high strength, wear resistance and good printing stability.
  •  PEI (Polyetherimide): The oxygen index is 46%, and the combustion
  •  grade is UL94-V-0. PEI material has strong high temperature stability.
  •  high rigidity and low smoke.
  •  PEl spring plate
  •  No deformation at 200°C
  •  Genuine PEI powder coating is of heat resistance. Hardened
  •  steel spring plate is resistant to 200C and no deformation
  •  200c Soft magnetic sticker.
  •  Strong magnetic force/ Strong adhesive.
  •  Flame retardant and heat resistance.
  •  Heat resistant and no demagnetization
  •  PC belongs to the soft magnet, with flame-retardant, wear-resistant, oxidation-resistant, low forming shrinkage and heat resistance without demagnetization. There is the good combination between hot-melt material and printing layer, which reduces the deformation caused by
  •  shrinkage and avoids warping.
    1. 235*235*2mm :
    Product name : PEL printing plate kit
    Product color : Gold
    Applicable models : CR-6SE
    310*320*2mm :
    255 245*2mm :
    377*370*2mm :
    1. Product name : PEl printing plate kit
    2. Product color : gold
    3. Applicable models : Ender-5 Plus
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