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Ender 3 Silent Motherboard (V4.2.7_32bit)


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Noiseless High Performance All-round Heat Dissipation Integrated Drive and Control great power with completely noiseless Imported Chips, To Enjoy Noiseless n Printing

  •  Imported STM Main Control Chip - Integrated Drive and Control silence Driver 550dB Noiseless Printing High-quality Material Selected High-quality MOS Tube Full Functioning Support Automatic Leveling, Filament Sensing, Resuming Printing after a Power Failure. New self-developed and upgraded motherboard Strong anti-interference ability Equipped with 32-bit MCU | 24v power input | lmproved stability Support automatic leveling, filament sensing, resuming printing after a power failure, easy installation, easy DIY experience
    Connect to temperature sensor via smart fan Enable real-time control with one click. Let the cooling system easily cope with more situations. Usíng high-quality MOS tub8, High input impedance, Low noise, Good thermal stability. The fully enclosed inductor material can make it resistant o oxidation, corrosion and high temperature resistance, make ensure of long-term work stability.:
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