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Synchronous Belt Kit X-axis _2GT-W6-L 950


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DIY printer timíng belt length details. SVO1 - W6-L 902mm Ender-2- W6-L 550mm Ender-3 - W6-L 786mm Ender-3pro -W6-L 786mm Ender-3s - W6-L 786mm Ender-3 V2 - W6-L 798mm Ender-3 MAX- W6-L 925mm CR6 SE - W6-L 820mm Sermoon D1- W6-L 804mm CR-200B - W6-L 672mm

  •  The length of the timing belt must be strictly in accordance with the above parameters. The tolerance is +1.5mm. Make sure cross-section is flat.
    1. Find the required length of timing belt according to user manual. :
    2. Cut Timing Belt :
    3. Put copper bushlng on both ends of timing belt:
    Note: keep 1.2mm space between the copper bushing and termial of timing belt.
    4. Use multifunctional wire stripper to press the copper bushing until it is tight.:
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