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Ender-3 V2 Full Hotend Kit


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Everyone can become become an artist 1. Strong wear resisting 2. Stable printing 3. Print freely

  •  1. Hard Exquisite materials, precise and durable
  •  ABS+PC shell, frosted texture, cool and beautiful, light and wear-resistent
  •  2. Simple Innovative Integrated Design
  •  The overall structure is more compact, breaking through the tradition, beautiful and reliable. Simple connection, convenient installation and replacement
  •  3. Fast more efficient heating and cooling system
  •  New upgraded heating and cooling system, faster molding
  •  1. Advanced thermistor and heating tube assembly, heat up rapidly, accurate temperature
  •  control, detection temperature upto 260c
  •  2. Optimized fan design, uniform heat disspation, accelerated model solidification molding.
  •  Cool focus on details, print freely
  •  1. Nozzle: Self developed bullet nozzle structure, more uniform heating and reduce strings.
  •  2. Throat: Upgraded design, better thermal conductivity, stable throat results in stable nozzle
  •  3. Teflon Tube: Equipped in the throat tube, less blockage problem, wire uniform and smooth
  •  4. Flame Retardant Silicon Sleeve: Flame retardant material, good heat preservation effect, effectively keep it clean around heating block and nozzle
    Packing Size:160×155×70mm:
    G.W: 200g
    N.W.: 140g
    Product Size:52*63*72mm:
    Material: Aluminum alloy + ABS
    Output voltage: 24V
    Rated voltage:24V:
    Item Number:
    Full Hotend Kit: 4001030040
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