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Ender-3 max full hot end kit - Stable performance, no clogging, smooth printing. A great stroke of genius for Creation Full set of metal hotend kit helps you print out" the creation. Delicate and ingenious work meet all of your creative needs. Independent R&D, Performance stability, No Clogging & Smooth Printing.

  •  Premium Accessory, Right-hand Man besides You
  •  - Thermistor: heating tube - Fast heating and precise temperature control
  •  - Throat: No Clogging for long-time work with increased insulation of the throat.
  •  - Nozzle: Optimal design of flow channel, smooth inner wall & contact surface, fewer cloggings.
  •  - Integrated Design for Super Reliability: Sheet metal cover + rigid frame, Strong and durable
  •  - All-metal, High Temperature Resistant: Creality Design, All-metal shell, Heat resistant material,
  •   Excellent heat insulation, High temperature resistance up to 260T.
  •  - Smooth Filament Feeding, No Clogging: Pneumatic joint +05 wire clip, preventing the Teflon tube
  •   from loosening smooth filament feeding, seamless connection, no leakage or clogging, lower
  •   printing failure rate.
  •  - Smooth Inner Wall in the Throat and Nozzle Little movement resistance, full filaments melting,
  •   smooth extrusion
  •  - Fast Heat Dissipation, Fast Printing High quality heating cooling block + dual fans Advanced
  •   thermistor and heating tube assembly, Fast heating, Real-time nozzle temperature sensor
  •   Dual fans design, Uniform heat dissipation, Faster solidification.
  •  - Flame Retardant Insulation Silicone Sleeve: Great heat preservation, effectively maintains
  •   cleanliness of heating block, nozzle and around.
    Product Name : ENDER-3 MAX FULL HOTEND KIT
    Printing Filaments : PLA/ ABS/PETG/TPU
    Tefion Tube : D4 2
    Filament Diameter : 1.75mm
    Material Process : Machining Parts and Sheet Metal Parts
    Nozzle Diameter : 0.4mm
    Maximum Nozzle Temperature : 260C
    Heating Tube Parameters : 24v 4
    Net Weight : 230g
    Color : Black+ Red
    Gross Weight : 350g
    Packing Size : 160 160 90mm
    Applicable Model : Ender-3 Max
  • Creality

  • Spare Parts

  • Black

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