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Safety Enclosure


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This safety enclosure is specially designed for Rotrics DexArm Laser Module. With the ingenious safety interlock switch, effective extraction fan, and well-selected PMMA plates, the safety enclosure offers overall protection for you and your family. Now you can enter your workspace without any special precautions!

  •  1. Engrave with safety
  •  Ultra 360° protection for you and your family!
  •  2. Safety Interlock Switch
  •  The DexArm will automatically pause if the door is opened during laser engraving, it will resume working once the door is closed.
  •  3. Smoke Extraction Fan
  •  Efficiently remove hazardous fumes and smoke generated during laser engraving.
  •  4. Aluminum Frame
  •  Anodized aluminum frames make the closure more solid, durable, and stylish.
    Dimensions: 518 x 358 x 358mm
    Weight:4.13kg /
    Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy
    Plates Material: PMMA(Acrylic)
    Package Dimension:420 x 580 x 90mm
    Package Weight:5kg
    Safety Class:OD4+, for 220-450nm Laser
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