CR 6 Max Silent Motherboard

Brand: Creality

Rs. 8,035
    • Silent but powerful ultra silent strong performance super heat dissipation. Premium IC for you to enjoy silent printings:
    • Germany TMC ultra silent driver 50db silent printing. Great control and drive. 24V power input. Superior material high quality MOS. Multiple functions automatic levelling and filament detection, User friendly design easy installation
    • Designed by creality, more stable operation: High Performance and low energy consumption. New self-developed and upgraded motherboard. Strong anti-interference ability. Equipped with 32-bit MCU, 24V power input, improved stability & ESD protection.
    • More than fluent printing: ST 32-bit single-chip microprocessor for high speed operation. Increased stability by 48.5% reduced lag rate by 83.7%


Product parameters :
Product name : 32-bit Silent Motherboard
Application : CR-6 Max
Material technology : Glass fiber
Package size : 150*115*40mm

  1.  Cool feeling: All round heat dissipation design. Advanced cooling solutions, which allows the cooling system can easily cope with more situations.
  2.  Strict selection of raw materials, durable using: Using high quality MOS tube, high input impedance, low noise, good thermal stability. The fully enclosed indicator material can make it resistant to oxidation, corrosion and high temperature resistance, making ensure of long term work stability
  3.  Special Design for Safety: Pluggable fuse provides safety protection, easy to replace
  4.  Multiple Functions, Easy lnstallation: Supports automatic leveling, filament shortage detection, easy installation and DIY


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