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Creality Double-sided Printing Platform 235*235*1.2mm


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  •  Double Sided
  •  Smooth PEI Surface for Flat Model Surface
  •  Textured Sticker - No Model Movement or Warping
  •  Thin and Light
  •  Compatible Models - Ender-3/ Ender-3/ Pro / Ender-3 V2 / Ender-5 / Ender-5 Pro

    •  Double sided textured/smooth: Double sided, smooth one side with coated PEI and textured the other side with textured sticker. Two different printing experiences with one plate.
    •  Smooth PEI surface for flat model surface: Great adhesion between PEI & printing models, smooth model surface, easy to remove models.
    •  Textured sticker No model move or warping: Excellent adhesion for easy printing without any model warping.
    •  Thin and light: 2 in 1, 1.2mm thickness flexible steel plate, thin but strong.
    •  Easy model removal: One second to take off printed models, just by bending the plate.
    •  Pay one get two: Great deal, buy one plate you get both smooth and textured build surfaces.
      Size : 235X235X1.2mm
      Weight : 530g
    • Creality

    • Spare Parts

    • 0.60 KG

    • Black

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