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Creality Watercooling Kit


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Efficient Heat Dissipation. Durable & Long lasting. High temperature Printing. Ultra Silent

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  •  1. Water cooled Design Efficient Heat Dissipation: The unique water cooled design heat dissipation can effectively improve the heat dissipation efficiency, which is 15%-20% higher than the conventional air cooled heat dissipation, and the temperature is lowered by 10-15°C. Cooling off the cooling block quickly, which can effectively prevent clogging, make the filament feeding smoother and improve the printing success rate.
  •  2. Ultra Silent and Noise Reduction: The Creality Watercooling Kit adopts a high efficiency silent centrifugal pump that reduces noise and absorbs shock while improving coolant circulation. Keep low decibel operation. (the noise is less than 45dB at a horizontal distance of 1 meter)
  •  3. High Temperature Filament Print at Will: The aluminum watercooling kit with the precise flow channel design speeds up the internal flow of the coolant and improves the heat exchange efficiency It is more suitable for printing high temperature filament, such as ABS, PETG, etc. In a confined printing space, the hotend has faster heat dissipation and a more constant temperature, smooth filament feeding, and the printing model surface is smoother.
  •  4. High Quality Material Durable & Long lasting: High quality silicone water cooling tube is used to reduce water evaporation, excellent flexibility and more resistance to bending. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and aging resistance, and is suitable for various printing environments.
  •  5. Continuous Cycle Fine Details: Industrial-grade interface sealing technology, high strength leakproof, good air tightness, continuous circulation of coolant, reducing the replacement frequency and saving material costs.
  •  6. Perfect Partner Sprite Extruder Pro: The Creality Watercooling Kit needs to be combined with Sprite Extruder Pro to form a water-cooled circulation cooling system, which can dissipate heat accurately and efficiently, without fear of high temperature, and easily print exquisite models.
    Product name : Creality Water cooling Kit
    Model : CR-W01
    Voltage : DC 12V
    Current : 0.3A
    Wattage : 3.10
    Operating temperature : 0-50°C
    Head : 1.13M
    Flow : 1.53L/H
    Capacity : 125ML
    Noise : 345dB level at 1 meter
    Product size : 191.20*63.20*63.20mm
    Cooling block Material : Aluminum
    Cooling block size : 62.1*20.8*17mm
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