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Creatbot Temperature Sensor


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Dedicated for: CreatBot F430 CreatBot D600 Pro CreatBot F160 CreatBot DX CreatBot DX Plus CreatBot DE CreatBot DE Plus CreatBot PEEK-300

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  •  Dedicated for:
  •  CreatBot F430
  •  CreatBot D600 Pro
  •  CreatBot F160
  •  CreatBot DX
  •  CreatBot DX Plus
  •  CreatBot DE
  •  CreatBot DE Plus
  •  CreatBot PEEK-300
    Dedicated for:
    CreatBot F430:
    CreatBot D600 Pro:
    CreatBot F160:
    CreatBot DX:
    CreatBot DX Plus:
    CreatBot DE:
    CreatBot DE Plus:
    CreatBot PEEK-300:
  • CreatBot

  • Spare Parts

  • 0.05 KG

  • Black

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