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Hotend Heating Tube 24V 40W


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Compatible Models :- Ender-6_CR-200B_Ender-3 Max_CR-5 Pro_CR-10S Pro_CR-10S Pro V2_CR-10 V2_CR-10 V3_CR-6SE_CR-6 MAX_Ender-3_Ender-3S_Ender-3 Pro_Ender-5 Plus_Ender-3 V2_CR-10MAX_CR-X_CR-X Pro_CT-228_CR-2020_Sermoon D1_Ender-5_Ender 5 Pro

  •  1. Standardized Heating Tube Quick Connection, Boost Creation:Easily Installation, Stable and Reliable Widely Applicable. Quick wire connection Firmly connected Wide range of compatible models
  •  2. Change Traditional Replacing Method: Easy Installation with Only 4 Steps. Quick wire connection without disassembling motherboard and other parts, just replace heating tube directly.
  •  3. Firmly Connected, Stable and Reliable: Easy operation with transparent heat shrinkable tube without welding the wire can be tightly wrapped and sealed after shrinkable tube melted, waterproof, electric leak-proof and high temperature resistance
  •  4. Long Lifespan, High Thermal Efficiency: Exquisite crafted, high temperature resistant internal heating wire, sturdy and durable.
    Packing Size : 140+50×80mm
    G.W:35g :
    N.W. : 33g
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