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Filament Sensor for SR Printer


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  •  The Filament Sensor is used to detect the filament in the beating state of the 3D printer, pause the detection, and automatically stop the 3D printing when the filament runs out. Optimize the inlet/outlet of the material detection module to reduce the feeding resistance. It is wear-resistant copper sleeves are added to the inlet and discharge port at the same time, which can effectively prolong the service life of the product.

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    •  The filament sensor on the FLSun SR is designed to detect the presence and movement of filament as it's fed into the 3D printer's extruder. If the filament is not detected or stops moving, the printer can pause the print job or alert the user to reload filament.
    •  The inclusion of a filament sensor can help improve the reliability of your 3D printing by reducing the risk of failed prints due to filament issues. It's especially valuable for longer prints where filament can run out.
      Manufacturer : Flsun
      Material : Acrylic
      Dimensions : 7D x 5W x 2H Centimeters
      Item Weight : 20 Grams
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    • 1.00 KG

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