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Creality Sonic Pad


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  •  Creality Sonic pad
  •  A 3D Printing pad based on Klipper
  •  * Highly integrated
  •  * Easy installation
  •   *Precise Control
  •  *Compatible Model : All FDM Printer

    •  HIGHLY INTEGRATED WITH STRONG COMPUTING POWER: Beneath the large 7-inch touch control screen for Ender-3 S1 Pro Sonic Pad, the Klipper firmware runs in full swing on a powerful 64-bit computing platform. With software-hardware integration, you will get stunning performance, but with less trouble.
    •  GET IT GOING WITH NO HITCH: Creality Sonic Pad 3d klipper can connect to almost any FDM 3D printer on the market via a USB cable. With the included configuration manual, it is easy to set things up. Besides, it has been pre-configured for Ender-3 V2 Ender-3 s1 Ender-3 S1 Pro. You can also use it on Ender-3 Pro Ender-5 Plus Ender-3 Max Ender-3 S1 Plus CR-10 Smart CR-10S Pro V2 CR-10 V3 after you update the firmware so you can get it going in seconds.
    •  SPEED UP PRINTING WHILE KEPP THE QUALITY: Creality Sonic Pad control screen uses precision-oriented algorithms to command the motors for higher printing speed. The built-in input shaper fanction will mitigate oscillation during high-speed printing and smooth out ringing, thus keeping the model quality.
    •  INTUITIVE MODEL PREVIEW: Creality Sonic Pad original supports G-code model preview when slicing with the Creality Print, Ultimaker Cura, Pursa Slicer, and Super Slicer
    •  DEFT WITH USER-DEFINED MACROS: Creality sonic pad klipper creality sonic pad, klipper system creality sonic pad 3d creality sonic pad pro creality sonic pad control screen creality sonic pad original creality sonic pad klipper creality sonic pad, klipper system supports user-defined programmable macros, with each macro combining a series of commands to a specific function for higher efficiency.
    •  RICH EXTENSIBLE INTERFACES: For this 3D Printer touchscreen, USB port x4, RJ45 port x1 and WiFi module x1 are included. When a camera is added, it can realize real-time monitoring and time-lapse filming. More fun and possibilities are waiting for you.
    •  CONTROL ACCESS FROM MULTIPLE PLATFORMS: Creality Pad can be operated either by the built-in touch screen or remotely from the web UI when connected to a LAN. Enjoy the freedom of control.
    •  OTA & USB UPGRADE: The Creality Sonic Pad OS can be upgraded online via OTA or offline via USB disk. Get the new functionsat the earliest time.
    •  OPEN SOURCE COMMITMENT: Creality Sonic Pad follows the rules of Open Source community. Users will be free to modify and customize the source code.
    •  CONNECTIVITY AND UPGRADED EASILY: Easy to run out the klipper firmware in Sonic Pad, Support personalized requirements. The Creality Sonic Pad provides users with a full suite of Klipper’s unique features including high print quality and speed, resonance compensation (input shaping), pressure/linear advance and flexible macros.
      Specifications :
      SoC : CrealityT800
      SoC Data Bus Width : 64-bit
      RAM : 2G
      ROM : 8G
      WiFi Standard : 802.11b/g/n
      USB Port : USB 2.0 x 4
      LAN Port : RJ45 x 1 (100Mbps)
      Vibration Sensor Interface : 1
      Rated Voltage : 12V
      Display Type : IPS
      Display Size : 7 inches
      Display Resolution : 1024x600
      Multi-touch : Yes
      Speaker : Yes
      Vibration Sensor : Yes
      Package Dimensions : 282*241*55mm
      Product Dimensions : 222*128*40mm
      Net Weight : 0.46Kg
      Gross Weight : 1.15Kg
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