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FlashForge Creator 4 Right Extruder 0.4mm


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Interchangable Independant Dual Extuder (IIDEX) modular printing head for use with the FlashForge Creator 4. The Creator 4 IIDEX system provides flexibility, it can be equipped with three types of extruder modules to tackle any engineering materials on demand with one system. Quickly attach this modular print head to print flexible filaments with ease. In order to achieve exceptional results the Extruder-F utilizes 2.85mm filament.

  •   Printing Speed
  •   100mm/s
  •   Filament Diameter
  •   2.85mm
  •   Printing Temperature
  •   265℃
  •   Supported Filament
  •   TPU85A / TPE / TPB / TPC
    Printing Speed:
    Filament Diameter:
    Printing Temperature:
    Supported Filament:
    TPU85A / TPE / TPB / TPC:
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