Creator 4 Spool Holder

Brand: Flashforge

Rs. 1,376
    • Creator 4 Spool Holder


Compatible Printers: Creator 4

  1.  Two of these spool holders are required to convert the Flashforge Creator 4 to the Creator 4-F for flexible materials.
  2.   Soft materials have a much higher coefficient of friction and are transported more safely and precisely with optimized extruders.
  3.   Part of extrusion optimization is material feeding: the shorter and more direct the material feeding is with flex material, the less friction can hinder transport.
  4.   Therefore, the spool holders are mounted directly on the frame and the material is transported to the extruders from above, without PTFE hoses (Bowden tubes).
  5.  You need two of these spool holders to convert. Also two extruders (right + left). This flexible PEI-coated spring sheet is recommended as a printing bed for flex material.

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