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Flsun Delta 3D Printer Auto-Leveling Sensor

SKU: 3IDEA-FLS-Auto-Leveling Sensor-SENSR-BLK

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  •  The main purpose of this sensor is to assist in calibrating the print bed by measuring the distance between the nozzle and the bed at various points, ensuring that the nozzle is at the correct height during printing. High leveling modules ensure that the printing head is stable and reliable. This is a brand new and high quality wireless leveling modules.

    •  The primary function of the sensor is to automatically measure and compensate for any irregularities or unevenness in the print bed.
    •  This ensures that the first layer of your 3D print adheres properly and results in a more accurate and reliable print.
    •  Auto-leveling sensors have the capability to automatically adjust the nozzle height or Z-axis offset based on the bed's topography. This is crucial for ensuring the correct nozzle-to-bed distance.
      Dimensions : 30D x 30W x 2H Centimeters
      Weight : 200 grams
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    • 0.20 KG

    • Black

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