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Flashforge Standard 0.4mm Right Nozzle For Creator 3 Pro


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  •  The Flashforge Creator 3 Pro is a 3D printer, and the Flashforge Standard 0.4mm Right Nozzle is a specific nozzle used in this 3D printer. The nozzle size, in this case, is 0.4mm, which refers to the diameter of the nozzle opening. This nozzle size affects the layer resolution and printing speed of the 3D printer. A 0.4mm nozzle is a common size for 3D printing and provides a good balance between fine detail and print speed.

    •  Original FlashForge
    •  High-quality
    •  Pre-assembled
      Dimensions : ‎14 x 12 x 10 cm
      Weight : 110 Grams
    • Flashforge

    • Spare Parts

    • 1.00 KG

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