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Extruder for Anycubic Kobra Max/Plus


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  •  3D Printer Extruder Motor Kit, Double-Gear Bowden Extruder Upgrade Dual Drive Feeder and Stepper Motor Kit for Anycubic Vyper, Zero 2.0 FDM 3D Printer compatible with Anycubic Mega Pro, Zero/Zeor 2.0 Vyper FDM 3D Printers, compatible with 1.75mm PLA, ABS ,TPU and etc filament.

    •  Dual Gear Extrusion System: The extruder adopts dual metal gear extrusion system with stronger extrusion force, ensuring smooth feeding and fast retraction, reducing the chance of filament tangling, and compatible with PLA and flexible filaments.
    •  Adjustable Clamping Force: The extruder is equipped with an improved adjustment thumb screw, which can easily and conveniently adjust the clamping force of the filament to make the feeding smoother.
    •  Low Noise Stepper Motor: Adopt high-quality low noise extruder stepper motor with gear, which has the characteristics of high precision, good stability and durability.
    •  Easy Installation: The extruder and stepper motor are already assembled and can be used with a simple replacement, eliminating the tedious process of assembling the extruder and stepper motor.
    •  The all-metal geared extruder, which heats up and melts the filaments quickly, ensuring that the filaments are smooth extremely.
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