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Creality Laser engraver kit


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Enough power to facilitate precise focusing, high cost, DIY power engraving machine dedicated, built-efficient driving, low heat, eliminating external drive box, easier to install, and use.

  •  This is a laser module that enables the user to engrave wood, acrylic, paper, and many more substances.
  •  It can also cut wood and acrylic, depending on the wattage.
  •  Can Focus: The Laser head of the laser component can be adjusted according to the distance of the working distance
  •  Convenient Installation: Cooling DC Fan, low power, low noise, energy-saving and environment protection, Compact size,multi-angle installation
  •  Suitable For Ender 3 And Ender 3 Pro.
    Wavelength : 405NM (Blue)
    Power : 500mW
    Operating voltage : 12V (DC)
    Working current : 200mA
    Idemitsu form : dot
    Lens Material : dedicated optical coated glass
    Cooling : Forced air
    Shell material : aluminum anodized black
    Input : 2.1 / 5.5 DC seat
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  • Mayur Pawar

    2021-03-09 22:27:06

    Good Product

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