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Creality Laser engraver kit
Product Type Spare Parts
Brand Name Creality
Color Name Black

Creality Laser engraver kit

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Enough power to facilitate precise focusing, high cost, DIY power engraving machine dedicated, built-efficient driving, low heat, eliminating external drive box, easier to install, and use.


  •  This is a laser module that enables the user to engrave wood, acrylic, paper, and many more substances.
  •  It can also cut wood and acrylic, depending on the wattage.
  •  Can Focus: The Laser head of the laser component can be adjusted according to the distance of the working distance
  •  Convenient Installation: Cooling DC Fan, low power, low noise, energy-saving and environment protection, Compact size,multi-angle installation
  •  Suitable For Ender 3 And Ender 3 Pro.

Price : 8,644

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Technical Specifications

Wavelength 405NM (Blue)
Power 500mW
Operating voltage 12V (DC)
Working current 200mA
Idemitsu form dot
Lens Material dedicated optical coated glass
Cooling Forced air
Shell material aluminum anodized black
Input 2.1 / 5.5 DC seat

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