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Heating Block


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Replace your Heater Block if it has become corroded, worn out, or caked with plastic. This heating block is machined from anodized solid aluminum and is compatible with the Creality Ender 3, 3 Pro & 5.

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  •  The hose and nozzle mounting holes are threaded at M6.
  •  The heating rod mounting hole diameter is 6 millimeters.
  •  The screw hole and the thermocouple mounting holes are threaded at M3.
  •  Use in Any Creality FDM Products
    Size : 20 x 20 x 10mm
    Material : Aluminum
    Weight : 6g
    Hose and nozzle mounting holes : M6
    Heating rod mounting hole diameter : 6mm
    Screw hole : M3
    Thermocouple mounting holes : M3
    Screws : M3, six angles inner
    Function : For print head heating
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  • Spare Parts

  • Gold

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  • Mayur Pawar

    2021-03-09 22:27:06

    Good Product

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