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Creality silicon crystal glass bed


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Creality Ender silicon crystal glass bed

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  •  Fits for Ender 3 , ender 3 Pro, ender 3 v2 and more 3D printer hotbed which can match the size of the glass plate.
  •  Made of carbon silicon crystal glass, the build surface provides a strong adhesion in printing and easy to clean.
  •  Once the hotbed cools down to room temperature, the adhesion will be reduced and the models can be easily removed.
  •  Super flatness, fast and uniform heating. As the hotbed heats to higher temperatures, it provides even more adhesion, especially for PLA material
    Plate sized : 235 * 235 * 3mm
    Material : carbon silicon crystal glass
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  • Mayur Pawar

    2021-03-09 22:27:06

    Good Product

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